Base your answers to questions 1 and 1 on the excerpt below and on your knowledge of social studies.

" The person of the King is sacred, and to attack him in any way is an attack on religion itself. King represent the divine majesty and have been appointed by Him to carry out His purposes. Serving God and respecting  kings are bound together." - Bishop Jacques Bossuet

1 This statement describes the philosophy that existed during the

1 Enlightenment
2 Age of Absolutism
3 Renaissance
4 Industrial Revolution

1         2         3         4        

2 Which person would most agree with this statement?

1 John Locke
2 Karl Marx
3 Elizabeth II
4 Louis XIV

1         2         3         4        

Base your answer to question 3 on the time line below and on your knowledge of social studies.

3 Which conclusion about this period can be drawn from the time line?

1 Many areas of the world were governed by totalitarian rule.
2 Much of Central and South America came under the rule of Cortez by A.D. 1519
3 The rule of China was unchanged during the entire period.
4 European nations controlled most of the world between A.D. 1206 and 1532.

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4 In Spain, an effect of the Inquisition during the 16th century was to

1 prevent the introduction of Protestant religions
2 reintroduce Moorish culture to the Iberian Peninsula
3 encourage the development of the Industrial Revolution
4 implement the ideas of the Renaissance in major cities

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5 Suleiman held complete religious and political power.
Charles I stormed the English Parliament.
Peter the Great expanded serfdom in Russia.

The actions of these leaders reflect the concept of

1 scientific theory
2 natural rights
3 mercantilism
4 absolutism

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