NYS Regents


16 One function of the placenta in a human is to

(1) surround the embryo and protect it from shock
(2) allow for mixing of maternal blood with fetal blood
(3) act as the heart of the fetus, pumping blood until the fetus is born
(4) permit passage of nutrients and oxygen from the mother to the fetus

17 Some body structures of a human male are represented in the
diagram below.

An obstruction in the structures labeled X would directly interfere with the

(1) transfer of sperm to a female
(2) production of sperm
(3) production of urine
(4) transfer of urine to the external environment

18 The diagram below represents a beaker containing a solution of
various molecules involved in digestion.

Which structures represent products of digestion?

(1) A and D     (3) B and E
(2) B and C     (4) D and E

Base your answer to question 19 on the chart below and on your
knowledge of biology.

19 According to most scientists, which sequence best represents the
order of biological evolution on Earth?

(1) A B C       (3) B A C
(2) B
C A       (4) C A B

20 The diagram below represents what can happen when homeostasis in an organism is threatened.

Which statement provides a possible explanation for these events?

(1) Antibiotics break down harmful substances by the
process of digestion.
(2) Some specialized cells mark and other cells engulf
microbes during immune reactions.
(3) Embryonic development of essential organs occurs
during pregnancy.
(4) Cloning removes abnormal cells produced during differentiation.

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