NYS Regents


PART A - Answer all 35 questions in this part. (35)

Directions (1-35): For each statement or question, write on the separate answer sheet the number of the word or expression that, of those given, best completes the statement or answers the question.

1 A student observes that an organism is green. A valid conclusion that can be drawn from this observation is that

(1) the organism must be a plant
(2) the organism cannot be single celled
(3) the organism must be an animal
(4) not enough information is given to determine
whether the organism  is a plant or an animal

2 Why do scientists consider any hypothesis valuable?

(1) A hypothesis requires no further investigation.
(2) A hypothesis may lead to further investigation even if it is  disproved by the experiment.
(3) A hypothesis requires no further investigation if it is proved by the experiment.
(4) A hypothesis can be used to explain a conclusion even if it is disproved by the experiment.

3 Which letter indicates a cell structure that directly controls the movement of molecules into and out of the cell?

(1) A      (3) C
(2) B      (4) D

4 A great deal of information can now be obtained about the future
health of people by examining the genetic makeup of their cells. There are concerns that this information could be used to deny an individual health insurance or employment. These concerns best illustrate that

(1) scientific explanations depend upon evidence collected from a single  source
(2) scientific inquiry involves the collection of information from a large  number of sources
(3) acquiring too much knowledge in human genetics will discourage future research in that area
(4) while science provides knowledge, values are essential to making  ethical decisions using this knowledge

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