NYS Regents


16 Which situation would most likely result in the highest rate of natural selection?

(1) reproduction of organisms by an asexual method in an unchanging environment
(2) reproduction of a species having a very low mutation rate in a changing environment
(3) reproduction of organisms in an unchanging environment with little competition and few predators
(4) reproduction of organisms exhibiting genetic differences due to mutations and genetic recombinations in a changing environment

17 Some behaviors such as mating and caring for young are genetically determined in certain species of birds. The presence of these behaviors is most likely due to the fact that

(1) birds do not have the ability to learn
(2) individual birds need to learn to survive and reproduce
(3) these behaviors helped birds to survive in the past
(4) within their lifetimes, birds developed these behaviors

18 “Dolly” is a sheep developed from an egg cell of her mother that had its nucleus replaced by a nucleus from a body cell of her mother. As a result of this technique, Dolly is

(1) no longer able to reproduce
(2) genetically identical to her mother
(3) able to have a longer lifespan
(4) unable to mate

19 Which diagram best represents part of the process of sperm formation in an organism that has a normal chromosome number of eight?

20 ATP is a compound that is synthesized when

(1) chemical bonds between carbon atoms are formed during photosynthesis
(2) energy stored in chemical bonds is released during cellular respiration
(3) energy stored in nitrogen is released, forming amino acids
(4) digestive enzymes break amino acids into smaller parts

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