NYS Regents


PART A - Answer all 35 questions in this part. (35)

Directions (1-35): For each statement or question, write on the separate answer sheet the number of the word or expression that, of those given, best completes the statement or answers the question.

1 The current knowledge concerning cells is the result of the investigations and observations of many scientists. The work of these scientists forms a well-accepted body of knowledge about cells. This body of knowledge is an example of a

(1) hypothesis
(2) controlled experiment
(3) theory
(4) research plan

2 An experimental design included references from prior experiments, materials and equipment, and step-by-step procedures. What else should be included before the experiment can be started?

(1) a set of data
(2) a conclusion based on data
(3) safety precautions to be used
(4) an inference based on results

3 In his theory, Lamarck suggested that organisms will develop and pass on to offspring variations that they need in order to survive in a particular environment. In a later theory, Darwin proposed that changing environmental conditions favor certain variations that promote the survival of organisms. Which statement is best illustrated by this information?

(1) Scientific theories that have been changed are the only ones supported by scientists.
(2) All scientific theories are subject to change and improvement.
(3) Most scientific theories are the outcome of a single hypothesis.
(4) Scientific theories are not subject to change.

4 The dense needles of Douglas fir trees can prevent most light from reaching the forest floor. This situation would have the most immediate effect on

(1) producers      (3) herbivores
(2) carnivores      (4) decomposers

5 Which statement best describes a characteristic of an ecosystem?

(1) It must have producers and consumers but not decomposers.
(2) It is stable because it has consumers to recycle energy.
(3) It always has two or more different autotrophs filling the same niche.
(4) It must have organisms that carry out autotrophic nutrition.

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