NYS Regents


8 Every single-celled organism is able to survive because it carries out

(1) metabolic activities
(2) autotrophic nutrition
(3) heterotrophic nutrition
(4) sexual reproduction

9 The shape of a protein molecule is influenced by

(1) whether it is organic or inorganic
(2) the sequence of amino acids in it
(3) the number of genes found in the nucleus
(4) the number of chromosomes in the cell

10 The data table below summarizes the results of an investigation in which
seeds from the same plant were grown under different conditions of
temperature and relative humidity.

Which conclusion can be drawn from the information in the data table?

(1) Color in this species is determined by genes, only
(2) Many characteristics are not inherited.
(3) Mutations occur only when plants are grown at low temperatures.
(4) There is an interaction between environment and heredity.

11 The diagram below represents a change that occurred in a pair of chromosomes  during the formation of an egg cell. The letters represent genes on the pair of chromosomes.

The alteration that occurred will most likely

(1) be passed on to every cell that develops from the egg cell
(2) change the chromosome number of the body cells that develop
from the egg cell
(3) convert sex cells into body cells
(4) trigger the production of pathogens


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