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11 The cells that make up the skin of an individual have some functions different from the cells that make up the liver because

(1) all cells have a common ancestor
(2) different cells have different genetic material
(3) environment and past history have no influence on cell function
(4) different parts of genetic instructions are used in different types of cells

12 The production of certain human hormones by genetically engineered  bacteria results from

(1) inserting a specific group of amino acids into the bacteria
(2) combining a portion of human DNA with bacterial DNA and inserting this into bacteria
(3) crossing two different species of bacteria
(4) deleting a specific amino acid from human DNA and inserting it into bacterial DNA

13 Which statement best describes a current understanding of natural selection?

(1) Natural selection influences the frequency of an adaptation in a population.
(2) Natural selection has been discarded as an important concept in evolution.
(3) Changes in gene frequencies due to natural selection have little effect on the evolution of species.
(4) New mutations of genetic material are due to natural selection.

14 The bones in the forelimbs of three mammals are shown below.

For these mammals, the number, position, and shape of the bones most likely indicates that they may have

(1) developed in a common environment
(2) developed from the same earlier species
(3) identical genetic makeup
(4) identical methods of obtaining food

Base your answers to questions 15 and 16 on the diagram below, which represents the human female reproductive system.

15 New inherited characteristics may appear in offspring as a result of new combinations of existing genes or may result from mutations in genes contained in cells produced by structure

(1) A     (3) C
(2) B     (4) D

16 In which part of this system does a fetus usually develop?

(1) A      (3) C
(2) B      (4) D


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