NYS Regents


6 The diagram below represents two single-celled organisms.

These organisms carry out the activities needed to maintain homeostasis by using specialized internal

(1) tissues           (3) systems
(2) organelles      (4) organs

7 The sequence of subunits in a protein is most directly dependent on the

(1) region in the cell where enzymes are produced
(2) DNA in the chromosomes in a cell
(3) type of cell in which starch is found
(4) kinds of materials in the cell membrane

8 Fruit flies with the curly-wing trait will develop straight wings if kept at a temperature of 16C during development and curly wings if kept at 25C. The best explanation for this change in the shape of wings is that the

(1) genes for curly wings and genes for straight wings are found on different chromosomes
(2) type of genes present in the fruit fly is dependent on
environmental temperature
(3) environment affects the expression of the genes for this trait (4) higher temperature produces a gene mutation

9 The genetic code of a DNA molecule is determined by a specific sequence of

(1) ATP molecules       (3) chemical bonds
(2) sugar molecules    (4) molecular bases

10 To produce large tomatoes that are resistant to cracking and splitting, some seed companies use the pollen from one variety of tomato plant to fertilize a different variety of tomato plant. This process is an example of

(1) selective breeding        (3) direct harvesting
(2) DNA sequencing          (4) cloning

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