NYS Regents


11 The diversity within the wild bird species in the diagram below can best be explained by which process?

(1) natural selection            (3) ecological succession
(2) asexual reproduction     (4) mitotic cell division

12 What is the most probable reason for the increase in the percentage of variety A in the population of the species shown in the graph below?

(1) There is no chance for variety A to mate with variety B.
(2) There is no genetic difference between variety A and variety B.
(3) Variety A is less fit to survive than variety B is.
(4) Variety A has some adaptive advantage that variety B does not have.

13 The type of molecule represented below is found in organisms.

Which statement correctly describes the sequence of bases found in this type of  molecule?

(1) It changes every time it replicates.
(2) It determines the characteristics that will be inherited.
(3) It is exactly the same in all organisms.
(4) It directly controls the synthesis of starch within a cell.

14 The diagram below illustrates a proposed evolutionary path of certain organisms,
based on the theory of evolution.

Which statement could best be inferred from the information in this diagram?

(1) Evolution does not involve gradual change.
(2) Evolutionary changes can result in extinction.
(3) Evolution begins with plants.
(4) Evolution produces organisms that all fill the same niche.

15 Which statement best describes the result of  some of the processes involved in genetic engineering?

(1) They alter the arrangement of hereditary material.
(2) They provide energy for mitosis and meiosis.
(3) They are necessary for normal gamete formation.
(4) They reduce variation in organisms that reproduce asexually.

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