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11 In this passage, Martin Luther presents his

(1) objections to practices of the Catholic Church
(2) plan for economic change in Central Europe
(3) objections to using only metals as the basis for money
(4) justification for the dethroning of an absolute monarch.

12 The Byzantine Empire made its most important contribution to later
civilizations by

(1) recognizing the Pope as the head of the Byzantine Church
(2) preserving much of the Greco-Roman heritage
(3) establishing trade routes to the Americas
(4) encouraging the spread of Buddhism

13 Which situation is considered a cause of the other three?

(1) development of a European middle class
(2) increase in European demand for Eastern goods
(3) European renewal of interest in learning
(4) European involvement in the Crusades

Base your answer to question 14 on the map below and on your
knowledge of social studies.

14 Which conclusion can be drawn from the information provided by
the map?

(1) Songhai was the only inhabited area of Africa.
(2) The Sahara Desert blocked Songhai’s trade with other parts of Africa.
(3) Songhai traded exclusively with central and eastern Africa.
(4) Rivers and overland trade routes helped Songhai become powerful.

Base your answer to question 15 on the time line below and on your knowledge of
social studies.


15 The events illustrated in this time line show the effects of European

(1) isolationism           (3) socialism
(2) imperialism           (4) fundamentalism

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