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Base your answers to questions 6 and 7 on the statements below and
on your knowledge of social studies.

Speaker A: We must return to the ideas of the Bible. ‘We should encourage people to
read and interpret religious scripture for themselves.

Speaker B: Our people worship many gods, who control the peoples’ activities, such as
birth, death, and commerce.

Speaker C: Our people received the Ten Commandments at Mount Sinai. We are
few in number, but we will bring these commandments to all people.

Speaker D: We trace our religion’s birth to the flight of our greatest prophet from
Mecca to Medina.

6 Which speaker is expressing an idea from a polytheistic religion?

(1) A           (3) C
(2) B           (4) D

7 Which speaker refers to the establishment of Islam?

(1(A)           (3) C
(2) B           (4) D

8 In almost every society, the problem of scarcity must be dealt with

(1) resources are limited
(2) governments tend to overspend on the military
(3) farmers tend to overestimate their crop yields
(4) goods are distributed evenly

Base your answer to question 9 on the diagram below and on your
knowledge of social studies.

9 The diagram represents the rigid social class system of

(1) colonial Latin America
(2) traditional India
(3) feudal Japan
(4) dynastic China

Base your answers to questions 10 and 11 on the quotation below and on your knowledge of social studies.

“Kings and Princes coin money only out of metals, but the Pope coins money out of everything - indulgences, ceremonies, dispensations, pardons; all fish come to his net. -Martin Luther, 1519

10 The ideas presented in this passage led directly to the

(1) Commercial Revolution
(2) Spanish Inquisition
(3) Protestant Reformation
(4) French Revolution

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