NYS Regents


7 The contributions of the Golden Age of Islamic civilization include

1 advances in mathematics
2 irrigation systems
3 polytheistic beliefs
4 gunpowder and guns

8 A similarity between the ancient western African kingdoms of Mali,
Ghana, and Songhai is that these kingdoms

1 limited the power of their rulers
2 practiced Christianity
3 established economies based on trade
4 isolated themselves from contact with other cultures

The map shows that the Mongol Empire stretched across

1 Africa and Southeast Asia          3 Europe and Asia
2 North America and Europe        4 South America and Asia

Base your answer to question 10 on the statements below and on your knowledge
of social studies.

Statement A: The might of a country consists of gaining surpluses of gold and silver.

Statement B: A nation's strength is found in economic independence and the maintenance of a favorable balance of trade.

Statement C: We need to gain colonies both as sources for raw materials and as markets for our manufactured goods.

10 Which economic system is being described by these statements?

1 traditional       3 command
2 feudal            4 mercantile

11  Which statement concerning the Renaissance in Europe is based on
opinion rather than on fact?

1 Literature began to appear in languages other than Latin.
2 The art of the Northern Renaissance was superior to that of
 the Italian Renaissance.
3 Art reflected the ideas of humanism and individualism.
4 Art produced during the Renaissance had religious as well
as secular themes.

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