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1 The code of Hammurabi is an example of

1 written rules for legal procedures
2 the power of strong kings to control trade
3 regulations on the way to conduct wars against neighboring nations
4 the power of a legislature to veto laws passed by absolute monarchs

2 A belief of animism is that

1 after death the soul is reborn in another human form
2 holy wars must be fought to gain entry into heaven
3 meditation leads followers to nirvana
4 spirits of nature inhabit all living and nonliving objects

Base your answer to question 3 on the diagrams below and on your knowledge
of social studies.

3 A study of these structures will show that the ancient civilizations
who built these structures

1 practiced monotheism
2 originated along major rivers
3 used advanced technology
4 respected human rights

4 Which term is used to describe the spread of Buddhism from India
through Southeast Asia?

1 ethnocentrism     3 imperialism
2 isolation             4 cultural diffusion

5 Hebrew text: "Honor your father and mother ... You shall not murder .. .   ou shall 
not steal."

The Analects:
"In his (the leader) personal conduct,  he was respectful.
In his serving his superiors, he was reverent.
In his nourishing the people, he was kind.
In governing the people, he was righteous."
- Confucius

These selections show that the ancient civilizations who developed 
these concepts placed emphasis on

1 anarchy       3 trade
2 law             4 architecture

6 Which factor influenced the development of ancient civilizations
along river valleys?

1 fertile soil         3 oil-rich tundra
2 dry climate       4 dense rain forests


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