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Base your answer to question 11 on the map below and on your
knowledge of social studies.

11 What is a valid conclusion that can be reached by studying this map?

(1) Africans had centralized governments during the age of
European feudalism.
(2) African kingdoms did not exist before the Europeans
arrived in Africa.
(3) African civilizations existed only in southern Africa.
(4) Africa’s civilizations established many trade routes to India.

12 The Age of Pericles in Athens, the Gupta Empire in India, and the Tang dynasty in China all experienced a golden age with

(1) advancements in the principles of democratic governments
(2) outstanding contributions in the arts and sciences
(3) the end of foreign domination
(4) the furthest expansion of their borders

13 The travels of Marco Polo resulted in the

(1) introduction of gunpowder to China
(2) decline of Mongol rule in China
(3) expansion of trade between China and Europe
(4) use of Confucian teachings in Europe

14 • In less than 50 years, it was the largest unified land empire in history.
• In 1279, it was the first foreign group to gain complete control of China.
• It made the caravan routes across Asia safe for trade and travel.
• When attempting to conquer Japan in 1274 and 1281, its fleets were
destroyed by storms.

Which empire is most closely associated with these statements?

(1) Persian     (3) Ottoman
(2) Gupta      (4) Mongol

15 The wealth and power of Mali’s ruler, Mansa Musa, were significant because they contributed to the

(1) start of the Crusades
(2) spread of Islam
(3) growth of European imperialism
(4) rise of Arab nationalism

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