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11 One way in which the code of chivalry in Europe and the code of
Bushido in Japan were similar is that both codes were intended to

(1) help the ruler control his people
(2) guide the behavior of a warrior class
(3) benefit all the social classes
(4) support revolutionary ideas

12 Carefully drawn calligraphy, Zen gardens, and the tea ceremony are examples of

(1) artifacts of Mansa Musa’s Timbuktu
(2) the accomplishments of the Protestant Reformation
(3) early Japanese culture
(4) the achievements of Renaissance Florence

13 Which heading would be best for the partial out-line below?

A. Desire to be released from feudal obligations
B. Defense of the Holy Land
C. Forgiveness of sins
D. Desire for wealth from the Middle East

(1) Reasons for the Reformation
(2) European Motives for Fighting the Crusades
(3) Causes of the Fall of the Roman Empire
(4) Reasons for the Split Between the Eastern and Western Churches

14 During the 1500s, technological advances in navigation, naval engineering, and mapmaking contributed directly to the start of the

(1) Gupta Empire       (3) Age of Exploration
(2) Mongol Empire     (4) medieval guilds

15 The revival of Greek and Roman culture, the economic growth of Italian city-states in the 1400s, and the development of humanism were aspects
of the

(1) Age of Revolutions
(2) Protestant Reformation
(3) spread of Islam
(4) European Renaissance

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