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6 In China, Confucianism emphasized the idea that

(1) equality should exist between all members of society
(2) salvation could be attained by prayer, meditation, and good deeds
(3) individual goals should be placed ahead of the needs of the group
(4) harmony could be achieved by the proper behavior of each member
of a family or society

7 How did geography influence the development of ancient Greece?

(1) Rich farmland led to dependence on agriculture.
(2) Excellent harbors encouraged seafaring trade.
(3) Flat plains made centralized rule possible.
(4) Tropical climate discouraged urban development.

Base your answer to question 8 on the quotation below and on your knowledge of social

“Come then, with all your people and give battle
with all your strength, so that all this treasure
shall not fall into the hands of the Turks.
. . . Therefore act while there is still time lest
the kingdom of the Christians shall vanish
from your sight. . . . And in your coming you
will find your reward in heaven. . . .”
— Emperor Alexius Comnenus,
quoted in The Dream and the Tomb

8 Which event is referred to in this quotation?

(1) Enlightenment
(2) French Revolution
(3) Glorious Revolution
(4) Crusades

9 “The Peace of God declared that feudal warfare could not take place on church property,
 and it promised sanctuary in churches and abbeys to fugitives from combat. The Truce
of God forbade fighting from Wednesday evening until Monday morning, on holidays, and
 during the religious seasons of Christmas and Lent. . . .”
— Medieval and Early Modern Times

This quotation implies that

(1) the church had considerable political power during this time
(2) war was limited to religious holidays
(3) religion was dictated by feudal law
(4) landlords determined when warfare took place

10 The Eastern Orthodox Church and the Cyrillic alphabet originated in the
Byzantine Empire. What does the practice of this religion and the use of this
alphabet in Russia indicate?

(1) Russia was conquered by the Byzantine Empire.
(2) Russia’s leaders eliminated the influence of the Mongols.
(3) Russia was influenced by cultural diffusion.
(4) Russia’s geographic isolation led to cultural diversity.

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