NYS Regents


Base your answer to question 6 on the quotation below and on your knowledge
of social studies.

"Harmony should be valued and quarrels should be avoided. Everyone has his biases,
and few men are far sighted. Therefore some disobey their lords and fathers and keep
up feuds with neighbors. But when the superiors are in harmony with each other and
inferiors are friendly, then the affairs are discussed quietly and the right view of matters
prevails." -Prince Shotoku of Japan (A.D. 604)

6 Prince Shotoku's statement indicates the influence of the ideas of

1 Confucius            3 Genghis Khan
2 Muhammad         4 Emperor Hirohito

7 One way in which the Eightfold Path and the Five Pillars of Faith 
are similar is that these rules

1 represent codes of behavior
2 restrict social mobility
3 stress the spiritual being in all natural objects
4 suggest a deep respect for nature and reincarnation

8 Which statement best describes the role of the Roman Catholic 
Church in Europe during the Middle Ages?

1 The Church encouraged individuals to question authority.
2 Church leaders were only involved in spiritual activities.
3 The Church gained influence as people became more interested 
in secular affairs.
4 The Church provided a sense of stability, unity, and order.

9 Which cultural element spread from the Byzantine Empire to early 

1 Latin language
2 democratic ideas
3 Orthodox Christianity
4 silk cloth

10 One conclusion that can be reached from the evidence about 
Mansa Musa rule of Mali is that

1 Christianity was a dominant religion in Africa in ancient times
2 complex civilizations existed in West Africa, before the arrival 
of Europeans
3 trade was not necessary for a civilization to survive
4 the slave trade originated in West Africa

11 One way in which the writers of the Renaissance were influenced
by the writers of ancient Greece was that the Renaissance writers

1 stressed the power of human reason
2 promoted the religious doctrines of the Roman 
Catholic Church
3 showed little interest in secular affairs
4 produced few new scientific ideas

12 ". . . and in the actions of men, and especially of princes.... the end justifies|
the means." 

Which philosopher most likely wrote this statement?

1 Baron de Montesquieu
2 Niccolo Machiavelli
3 Voltaire
4 John Locke

13 A major reason that the Spanish were able to conquer the peoples
of the Americas was the

1 military technology of the Spanish conquerors
2 inability of the native peoples to adapt to Spanish culture
3 enforced slavery of the native peoples by the Spanish
4 unified resistance of native peoples to Spanish demands

14 The purpose of the encomienda system in Latin America was to

1 control overpopulation in urban centers
2 convert native peoples to Protestantism
3 obtain labor and taxes from the native people in the Spanish 
4 introduce political ideas into the colonies gradually

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