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15 Which statement about reforms in China during the 1980's and 1990's
 is most accurate?

1 Political reforms resulted in the overthrow of communism.
2 Economic reforms were more successful than political reforms.
3 Political reforms increased individual rights.
4 Economic reforms forced China to return to a policy of isolationism.

16 A valid generalization about early Japanese culture is that Japan

1 had a strong influence on the development of culture in Korea
2 spread Shinto throughout Asia
3 maintained a uniquely individual culture while borrowing much 
from other cultures
4 imported almost all of its cultural ideas from China, resulting in
nearly identical cultures

17 The modernization of Japan during the Meiji Restoration resulted in

1 a return to a feudal system of government
2 the rise of Japan as an imperialistic nation
3 an alliance between China, Korea, Russia, and Japan
4 a strengthening of Japan's isolationist policies

18 Modern Japan must trade to maintain its industry and living standard 
because Japan has

1 a limited amount of investment capital
2 little access to the sea
3 a lack of communication systems
4 few mineral resources

19 Which political system is the basis of Japan's government today?

1 parliamentary democracy
2 military dictatorship
3 absolute monarchy
4 national socialism

20 In which way have the Andes Mountains and the Amazon rain forest 
affected the development of Latin America?

1 promoting international unity
2 increasing cultural diversity
3 encouraging trade agreements
4 strengthening political alliances

21 Under the leadership of Fidel Castro, Cuba has become an example of

1 the success of democracy in improving conditions in a developing nation
2 a nation in which the efforts of the United Nations has improved 
human rights
3 a communist government struggling to maintain power despite 
economic problems
4 the successful reform of agriculture from single-crop to multi-crop production

22 The 19th-century independence movements in Latin America were 
influenced by

1 Marxist ideology
2 the Aztec wars against Hernando Cort6s
3 liberation theology
4 the American and the French Revolutions

23 In the 20th century, an economic weakness of many Central American 
nations has been

1 a reliance on monsoons for water to irrigate crops
2 an over-dependence on one or two cash crops for export
3 chronic labor shortages caused by slow population growth
4 excessive investment in foreign manufacturing industries

24 "The time has come for you to go Live where you like, but not among us....
Get out of our soil, our sea, our wheat, our salt, our wounds. [Get] out of the
memory of our memories. .
.- Mahmoud Darwish- Palestinian poet

Which concept is supported by the ideas expressed in this passage?

1 socialism             3 humanitarianism
2 absolutism          4 nationalism

25 In the 1990's, the action by the Israeli Government that has most
divided Israeli society has been the decision to

1 grant control of part of the West Bank and Gaza Strip to the 
2 support the United States-led Allied Coalition during the Persian Gulf War
3 support the Camp David accords
4 oppose Islamic fundamentalist rule in Iran

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