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8 "Indian National Congress Refuses To Support British War Effort"
"Indians Answer Call for the Production of Homespun Cloth"
"Indians Call for Boycott of Imported British Cloth"

These three headlines all refer to

1 attempts by the native people to gain India's independence
2 political reorganization in the British colonial empire
3 programs to increase India's standard of living
4 the benefits of economic interdependence between Britain and India

9 After World War 11, the conflict between Hindus and Muslims in India 
resulted in the

1 near genocide of the Hindu population
2 creation of the Muslim state of Pakistan
3 forced removal of most Hindus from northern and western India
4 decision of Mohandas Gandhi to seek election as Prime Minister of India

10 Which statement is valid about the history of Southeast Asia?

1 Industrialization has strengthened the traditional beliefs and
lifestyles of the people.
2 The area has experienced little European contact.
3 Superpower influence has brought peace and prosperity to
the region.
4 Religious beliefs have both unified and divided the people of the  region.

11 The introduction of Buddhism into China and of Islam into
Indonesia are examples of

1 social mobility           3 ethnocentrism
2 cultural diffusion       4 interdependence

12 "Beginning with childhood, all of man's study is centered on one aim alone
to emerge successfully from the three days' examination  and all he has in his
mind is what success can bring to him in terms of power,  influence, and prestige."
-Ye Shih, Chinese scholar

This quotation refers to the Chinese

1 civil service system
2 social welfare system
3 contemplation of nature
4 religious practices

13 The goal of Mao Zedong’s policy known as the Great Leap Forward 
was to

1 develop foreign export industries in China's coastal urban centers
2 eliminate state-owned industries in rural China
3 modernize China's economic system by dividing China into communes
4 introduce capitalism to the Chinese economy

Base your answer to question 14 on the cartoon below and on your knowledge
of social studies.

14 The main idea of this 1996 cartoon is that China has

1 decided to recognize Taiwan's autonomy
2 implemented a policy of peaceful negotiations with its neighbors
3 forced Hong Kong and Tibet to become self-reliant
4 used intimidation as a political tactic against its island neighbor

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