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1 Culture is sometimes referred to to as "a blueprint for living" because it

1 flourishes best in traditional societies
2 includes everything that contributes to a society's development
3 is determined by genetics
4 provides plans for exploration of new territory

2 Which geographic factor has contributed most to the economic
growth of Japan, Egypt, and Great Britain?

1 variety of natural resources
2 reliable amount of rainfall
3 abundance of arable land
4 access to important waterways

3 The actions of Jomo Kenyatta, Kwame Nkrumah, Leopold
Senghor, and Julius Nyerere were most closely associated with

1 a rise in nationalism in several African countries
2 the end of apartheid in South Africa
3 a resurgence of colonialism in east Africa
4 the revival of Islam in northern Africa

4 The wars that took place in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and 
Nigeria in the 1960's and in Rwanda and Somalia in the early 1990's 
are similar in that these wars were caused in part by disputes

1 over water sources
2 over oil and mineral rights
3 between ethnic groups
4 between communist and noncommunist forces

5 Most of the rivers in Africa are of little help in transporting large 
quantities of goods and people because these rivers

1 flow toward the mountains
2 run only north and south
3 have many waterfalls and rapids
4 are not long enough

6 The contributions of the ancient civilizations of Ghana, Axurn,
Kush, and Mali demonstrate that

1 industrial technology was needed for African civilizations to develop
2 many African civilizations developed in southern Africa
3 most of the African Continent was unified under a single political system
4 advanced societies developed in Africa before Europeans colonized this region

7 "The Ashanti and Ijebu . . . strongly resisted missionary incursion [interference]
for a time at least . . . Both groups grudgingly [reluctantly] accepted missionaries
and their schools only after military defeat by imperial forces."
- Edward H. Berman

A valid conclusion based on this quotation would be that some Africans

1 opposed giving up their religious and cultural heritage
2 returned to the worship of their traditional gods after the
defeat of the missionaries
3 cooperated with the missionaries for economic gain
4 feared that missionaries would refuse to teach their children

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