NYS Regents


16 Which set of conditions would produce the most runoff of precipitation?

(1) gentle slope and permeable surface
(2) gentle slope and impermeable surface
(3) steep slope and permeable surface
(4) steep slope and impermeable surface

17 Which map view best shows the movement of surface air around a low-pressure system in the Northern Hemisphere?

18 The surface bedrock of a region of eastern New York State is shale.
Which statement best explains why the soil that covers the shale in this region contains abundant garnet and gneiss pebbles?

(1) Volcanic lava flowed over the shale bedrock.
(2) A meteor impact scattered garnet and gneiss pebbles over the area.
(3) The soil consists of rock materials transported to this region by agents of erosion.
(4) The soil formed from the chemical and physical weathering of shale.

Base your answers to questions 19 and 20 on the satellite image below, which shows cloud patterns associated with weather fronts over the United States on a certain day. The states of Nebraska (NE) and New York (NY)  have been labeled.

19 At the time this satellite image was taken, what were the weather
conditions in New York State?

(1) clear skies with no precipitation
(2) mostly cloudy in the northern part of the
State and clear in the southern part
(3) cloudy with heavy precipitation
(4) very cloudy with no precipitation

20 Which type of front was producing the weather in Nebraska when this image was taken?

(1) cold front        (3) stationary front
(2) warm front     (4) occluded front

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