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6 Which diagram best illustrates how air rising over a mountain produces precipitation?

7 A student used a sling psychrometer to measure the humidity of the air. If the relative humidity was 65% and the dry-bulb temperature was 10C, what was the wet-bulb temperature?

(1) 5C    (3) 3C
(2) 7C    (4) 10C

8 A gradual increase in atmospheric carbon dioxide would warm Earths atmosphere because carbon dioxide is a

(1) poor reflector of ultraviolet radiation
(2) good reflector of ultraviolet radiation
(3) poor absorber of infrared radiation
(4) good absorber of infrared radiation

9 Why are the beaches that are located on the southern shore of Long  Island often considerably cooler than nearby inland locations on hot summer afternoons?

(1) A land breeze develops due to the lower specific heat of water and the higher specific heat of land.
(2) A sea breeze develops due to the higher specific heat of water and the lower specific heat of land.
(3) The beaches are closer to the Equator than the inland locations are.
(4) The beaches are farther from the Equator than the inland locations are.

Base your answers to questions 10 and 11 on the chart below, which
shows the geologic ages of some well-known fossils.

10 The Spirifer, Crinoid stem, and Neospirifer fossils might be found in some of the surface bedrock of which New York State landscape region?

(1) the Allegheny Plateau southeast of Jamestown
(2) the Catskills near Slide Mountain
(3) the Adirondack Mountains near Mt. Marcy
(4) the Erie-Ontario Lowlands northeast of Niagara Falls

11 Which New York State fossil is found in rocks of the same period of geologic history as Meekoceras?

(1) Condor                   (3) Eurypterus
(2) Placoderm fish        (4) Coelophysis

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