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7 The maps below show the odor fields from a neighborhood hamburger barbecue. An
X marks the exact location of the barbecue grill. The wind was blowing from the northeast when map A was drawn. Map B represents the same area drawn 1 hour after map A was drawn.

Which conclusion about what happened during the hour is best supported
by comparing these two maps?

1 The field values changed at many places.
2 The wind direction remained constant.
3 The odor became stronger in the western section of the 
map area.
4 The size of the field grew.

8 Which equation can be used to correctly calculate the air-pressure 
gradient between two locations?

9 If the axis of Earth were not tilted relative to the plane of its orbit 
around the Sun, the result would be

1 a greater number of hours in a day
2 a greater number of days in a year
3 a reversal of polar and equatorial climates
4 an equal number of hours of daylight at most locations

10 If the distance between the Moon and Earth were double its present
distance, the Moon's cycle of phases would occur

1 in reverse order and more slowly
2 in reverse order and more quickly
3 in the same order but more slowly
4 in the same order but more quickly

11 The apparent daily movement of the Sun across the sky is caused 

1 Earth's rotation on its axis
2 Earth's revolution around the Sun
3 the Sun's revolution around Earth
4 the Sun's rotation during a 24-hour period

12 Changing the color of the roof of a house from light to dark would
probably increase the amount of solar energy that is

1 reflected          3 insulated
2 created            4 absorbed

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