NYS Regents


Answer all 55 questions in this part. [55]

Directions (1-55): For each statement or question, select the word or expression
that, of those given, best completes the statement or answers the question. 

1 Which procedure is an example of classifying observed data?

1grouping stars by brightness
2 graphing temperature versus time for a particular date
3 photographing the cloud cover for a location throughout 1 week
4 measuring the angle of Polaris from two different locations

2 As a ship crosses the Prime Meridian, the altitude of Polaris measured
from the ship is 50o. What is the ship's location?

(1) 0o latitude 50o cast longitude
(2) 0o latitude 50o west longitude
(3) 50o north latitude 0o longitude
(4) 50o south latitude 0o longitude

3 Which graph best represents the angle of the Sun above the horizon as observed
from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. on September 23 at a location in New York State?

4 Which event is most predictable?

1 The Sun rises.
2 An earthquake occurs.
3 A meteorite falls to Earth.
4 Coral fossils are found on mountaintops.

5 A topographic map of Mt. Rainier in Washington State shown below.

What is the contour interval of the map?

(1) 20 ft (3) 100 ft
(2) 40 ft (4) 200 ft

6 An observer on Earth determines that the apparent diameter of the Moon as viewed
from Earth varies in a cyclic manner. The best explanation for this observation is that the

1 Moon is rotating
2 Moon's orbit is elliptical
3 atmospheric transparency of the Moon changes
4 distance between the Moon and the Sun changes

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