Is Nuclear Energy Safe? - Part 2

By Levi Anthony - Posted 4/24/2011

And if you are still confused, here is a short video.

Now for the dangers. There is always the danger that some sort of accident could occur at the power plant that results in radioactive materials leaking to the outside. Then there is mother nature herself which no one can predict. The Japanese are unfortunately now learning how deadly nuclear power can be when mix with an earthquake and tsunami.

Now, here is what many experts regard as the most dangerous aspect of nuclear power – the waste materials. The production of nuclear energy results in a lot of waste or spent fuels. The fuel rods used in the reactors usually last only for a period of time and have to be replaced with newer ones. The big problem with these old fuel rods is that they remain highly dangerous and radioactive and will continue to generate radioactivity for tens of thousands of years to come. So they have to disposed securely.

By the way, this same waste materials is used to produce nuclear bombs. This is how countries such as India and Pakistan developed their nuclear bombs while reassuring the world that they were using nuclear power for peaceful purposes only.

So, how do we get rid of the nuclear waste that have been produced so far by the 104 nuclear plants now in operation? Well, you might be surprised to learn that the United States currently has no plans to dispose of this waste. You see, some years ago, the Nuclear Regulatory Agency, the government agency responsible for overseeing the safety of nuclear plants, along with the nuclear industry, came up with a plan to store the majority of our nation’s spent nuclear fuel and other highly radioactive waste at a central repository underneath Yucca Mountain in the Nevada desert 80 miles from Las Vegas. But the plan was scratched when the people of Nevada objected. Senator Harry Reid of Nevada is strongly opposed to the idea as well. Can you blame them, who wants this deadly junk buried in their backyard?

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