Do You Know How Unequal Americs Is?

By Levi Anthony - Posted 8/182011

Despite the growing inequality in the United States and the hardships being faced by millions of Americans it is quite amazing how Americans have no clue about the scope of the problem. I have already written about the problem here and here.

If you really want to have a better idea of the problem and how it effects us and why the economy remains stuck in first gear (and may even slide back in reverse) I highly recommend you watch these two videos.

The first one was broadcast last night on PBS and entitled Land of the Free, Home of the Poor. It picks up on the NY Times op- ed written by Warren Buffet which I highlighted on Monday as well as a survey it conducted on income inequality.

The second video is by Aljazerra and includes comments from Jeffrey Sachs, economist from Columbia University. 

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