How can we build in more writing across the content areas?

1. Build in daily writing as part of the do-now. Students might respond to a thought- provoking question in a short paragraph and share before the class. Note.. The entire do- now should last no more than 10 minutes.

2. Build in writing as a summary of the lesson. Have students respond to the aim question.

3. During the development of the lesson, allow about three minutes of think time for students to respond in writing to a thought- provoking question . Use their responses to stimulate further discussion. (This works especially well with ESL students).

4. Examine all worksheets to insure that ample space is provided to encourage students to generate an extended response.

5. Encourage students to generate more extended responses by assigning a length to their assignments, e.g. Produce a paragraph of 100 words, an essay of 250 words or more, etc.

6. To enrich multiple choice exercises, add "Literacy Directions" to all multiple choice worksheets or multiple choice assignments. e.g. Choose 1-3 of the problems or questions assigned. Justify your
response in writing. (If applicable, students might also be asked to cite specific examples to support their choice).


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