How can we review more effectively?

1. When using test review sheets, time each activity carefully. Elicit and encourage questions.

2. If the test review sheet consists mainly of fill-ins, these can be completed very quickly by having students work as partners.

3. Have students work in groups to create their own study guides in preparation for a test. Each group might be asked to look up the information on a certain topic. The groups' answers can be written
on large poster paper so that the rest of the class can copy those notes they don't have.

4. Provide a test review sheet which has information missing under certain categories. Ask the class to look up the missing information so they can have more to contribute during the review.

5. Begin to revise department exams to reflect the new Regents formats which students must become familiar with. For example, all literary essays might follow the formats of the new English Regents, "Reading and Writing for Information and Understanding" and "Reading and Writing for Critical
Analysis and Evaluation."

6. Knowledge of grammar might be tested frequently through do-nows and short quizzes to provide time for more thought-provoking activities.During the actual exam, some practices one might follow are as follows:Review the directions at the beginning of the period. Answer students' questions at that time, to the greatest extent possible. Circulate to provide assistance.

Put the time when the test began on the board, as well as the current time and remaining minutes.
Include an extra credit assignment worth five bonus points.


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