Sample format for Book Review

Date by which you must inform your teacher of the book you have chosen for your report ....................
Due date for completed report: ............................


In writing your book report, be sure to include an introduction, two - three paragraph body, and a conclusion. The following guidelines may be used to help you in structuring your report.

Give the title and author of the book. Explain how you would classify the book. (is it a mystery, a love story, adventure novel, science fiction or historical novel, biography or autobiography, etc. ?)

Second Paragraph:
What is the story about? Summarize the content in 75 to 100 words.

Third Paragraph:
Choose one character from the book whom you strongly like or dislike. Explain what this character did  (or did not do) to cause you to feel this way. Cite specific references from the text to support your views.

Fourth Paragraph:
Choose one character from the book who had a choice to make. Explain what the options were, which one the character chose, and why you agree or disagree with that choice. Cite specific references from the text to support your views.

Discuss briefly:
Did you enjoy the book?
Why or why not?
Would you recommend the book to others? Why or why not?
What did you learn?
Were you satisfied with the ending? Why? If not, how do you think it should have ended, and why?


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